Anthropology Minor

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Department of Studies in Justice, Culture, & Social Change
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Studies in Justice, Culture, & Social Change
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

About this Program

If you are interested in why people think and behave the ways they do, anthropology is a discipline you will find intriguing and useful for your life. Anthropology focuses on the holistic study of diverse peoples and cultures with a central focus on what it means to be human. In today’s globalizing and climate-imperiled world, learning how to understand human societies in all their rich diversity and earthly impacts is essential. Many of our courses involve hands-on work in community settings and in laboratory settings. 

New and long-standing courses bring exciting opportunities to our students, including digital ethnography, world ethnography, visual anthropology, business anthropology, legal anthropology, medical anthropology, sustainability, the environment and energy, equitable governance of shared resources, and more. We offer internships, field schools and other professionalization opportunities that provide immersive learning. Our curriculum throughout emphasizes the development and refinement of writing, communication, and participatory media skills necessary in today’s world. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

Our graduates go on to a wide variety of fields. Some go into education, some into business, some into nonprofit work, some on to graduate or law school, and some into the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps or government positions, and into productive lives as articulate citizens in their respective communities. As suggested below by the diverse examples of the professional paths of past graduates, our program prepares students with essential skills of critical thinking, effective cultural analysis, articulate oral and written communication, proficient project management and creative problem solving. 

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