Computer Engineering Minor

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Department of Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering
Swenson College of Science and Engineering

About this Program

The Computer Engineering minor provides students with basic knowledge and skills needed to understand, analyze, and design computer hardware and software systems. It provides high quality education in topics related to computer engineering that will prepare students for employment opportunities in the private and public sectors, graduate studies, and research.

  • Active learning environment
  • Access to state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Focus on undergraduate teaching and research

Program Learning Outcomes (coming 2023-2024)

Admissions and Scholarships

We offer a variety of scholarships to many of the computer science students. They are all hosted by the Swenson College on one simple application.

Student Clubs

We have multiple computer science clubs on campus. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Club is a professional membership group that explores the realm of technology. 

Robotics at UMD is a club devoted to inspiring students in science and technology, from building and flying model aircraft to compering in national level battlebot competitions. The Software Development Club at UMD (DEV Club) works on a project whole sharing knowledge across the collective languages of the groups membership. 

Many of our students also participate in the Women in Computing and/or the Women in Engineering & Sciences. The Women in Computing club is focused on students networking with fellow women interested in computer science research and consider taking part in regional competitions where students can showcase their work. Women in Engineering and Science(WES) focuses on doing fun things with other women interested in the sciences.