Energy Engineering Minor

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Department of Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering
Swenson College of Science and Engineering

About this Program

The energy engineering minor provides students with basic knowledge and skills needed to understand, address, and make effective decisions about the generation, production, utilization, and application of energy. It provides high quality education in energy-related topics that will prepare students for employment opportunities in the private and public sectors, graduate studies, and research.

This interdisciplinary minor, administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is designed for students with majors in engineering. However, students with majors in other disciplines may also apply, should they meet the course prerequisites. The coursework provides broad-based science and engineering knowledge suited to energy generation, production, utilization, and application. The minor enhances degrees in engineering.

  • Active learning environment
  • Access to state-of-the-art instumentation
  • Focus on undergraduate teaching and research

Program Learning Outcomes (will be updated 2023-2024)

Student Clubs

We have a number of engineering groups on campus. Including but not limited to, the Society of Women Engineers, the Order of the Engineer, the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, the Bulldog Rocketry team, the Diesel Engineering club, and the Formula SAE club.