Engineering M.Eng.

Program Type
Graduate Program
Master of Engineering
Iron Range Engineering (SCSE)
Swenson College of Science and Engineering

About this Program

In the professional master of engineering program at UMD, you'll delve deeper into engineering design, problem solving, and practice.

The Professional Master of Engineering emphasizes the practice of engineering in either the private or public sector. The program focuses on developing competencies in the areas of engineering design, problem solving, and practice beyond what can be achieved in earning a Bachelor of Science degree in a given engineering discipline.

Acquired Skills

An MEng graduate student is expected to have a focus and degree designation in one of the core UMD disciplines of Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

To find out what our recent graduates are doing, see the Career and Internship Services Report:  Follow-up of Majors


In addition to the general application instructions provided by the Graduate School, visit the Engineering program page for specific application instructions and deadlines related to the program. Also visit the catalog requirements page linked above for additional information.