Environment, Sustainability and Geography Minor

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Department of Geography and Philosophy
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Geography and Philosophy
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

About this Program

The purpose of the environment, sustainability and geography program is to prepare students to create sustainable communities for present and future generations. This program provides students with the tools to understand the physical and social systems of the earth to become informed change makers locally and globally. Sustainability challenges are all around us: from climate change, to vulnerabilities in the industrial food system, to the way we design cities. One of the fundamental hurdles in a transition toward sustainability is bridging the ecological and social sciences with decision making. 

The program trains students to analyze the interwoven nature of social and ecological systems, and translate that knowledge into policies to enact change. Meaningful engagement with the world outside the classroom prepares students to comprehend and address these challenges. To this end, the program provides students with theoretical and hands-on instruction in ecological and social processes, mentoring, as well as opportunities for professional and real-world experiences through internships and applied research.

Program Learning Outcomes