Biochemistry B.A.

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Program Type
Bachelor of Arts
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Swenson College of Science and Engineering

About this Program

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides classroom and laboratory learning experiences with dedicated and caring instructors. Undergraduate majors are able to participate in research experiences in faculty research groups, addressing cutting edge questions in basic science as well as applied science on locally relevant topics. The Biochemistry BA provides general training in biochemistry with the freedom to specialize in additional areas as well. Many choose to include a business, health or education focus.

  • Active learning environment
  • Access to state-of-the–art instrumentation
  • Focus on undergraduate teaching and research

Acquired Skills

  • Apply critical thinking and quantitative skills to solve biochemistry-related problems.
  • Effectively communicate (orally and in written form) 
  • Apply experience with lab techniques and data analysis to responsibly design, safely perform and critically analyze the results of experiments which involve 1) the measurement of biochemical quantities, 2) the synthesis and purification of biochemical reaction products and 3) the simulation or modeling of biochemical systems

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

Graduating biochemists have careers ranging from research, to teaching, to health care work, to policy making. They are employed in local and regional industries, including work at drug companies, biotechnology companies, environmental and medical testing companies, and food companies.

Recent UMD Graduates Job Placement Data

Admissions and Scholarships

In addition to SCSE scholarships, our department has several that are focused upon upper-level biochemistry majors including the UMD Peterson Memorial Scholarship, the Ballou Scholarship Honoring Dr. John C. Cothran, the Robert Bayer Memorial Scholarship, the Catherine E. Cox Scholarship for Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Warren F. Davis Scholarship for Excellence in Biochemistry, the James H. Maguire Award, and the F.B. Moore Academic and Leadership Scholarship. Further details on application criteria can be found on the departmental website.

Student Clubs

We have 2 chemistry and biochemistry clubs. The Chemistry and Biochemistry Club serves students in the department by fostering community outreach and by helping to strengthen chemistry education among undergraduate and local high-school students. The club also provides social activities, networking opportunities, and a platform for members to enhance their leadership and communications skills.

The Society of Chemists and Biochemists is focused on broadening scientific interests, engaging with the researchers and students behind the science and promoting personal and professional improvement. We accomplish this by fostering conversation and a sense of community among the chemists and biochemists on our campus.

In addition to these clubs some of our chemistry majors are involved in pre-professional clubs such as the following: Pre-Dentistry Club, Pre-Medicine Club (Pre-Med Club), Pre Optometry Club, Pre-OT Club, Pre-Pharmacy Club, Pre-Physical Therapy (Pre PT), Pre-Physician Assistant Club (Pre-PA Club), Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club