Physical Education Outdoor Education Minor

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Department of Applied Human Sciences
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Applied Human Sciences
College of Education and Human Service Professions

About this Program

The Physical Education Outdoor Education (PEOE) minor is designed for students pursuing majors in Education who want to enhance their experience with outdoor and adventure education approaches and methods. Whether you’re majoring in Integrated Elementary and Special Education, Secondary Education, Health and Physical Education, or Physical Education, PEOE is an exciting option! 

Methods, philosophies, and team-oriented practices learned in outdoor and adventure education cut across multiple disciplines. Duluth and the surrounding area offers an ideal setting for practice and application of PEOE skills and knowledge that can be applied to the profession of your choice. 

Acquired Skills

The PEOE minor is designed for students to learn and apply a variety of teaching and leadership methods while acquiring physical and technical skills related to lifetime outdoor and adventure pursuits.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

Students who complete the PEOE minor may apply their skills and knowledge to a variety of professional fields, such as K-12 physical education or science; outdoor and nature-based education; park services, natural resource management; community-based recreation; or youth development.