Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) & Multilingual Education Minor

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College of Education and Human Service Professions

About this Program

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) & Multilingual Education minor is designed to prepare students to work with children and adults who are learning English as a second language in the United States. This program covers the relationship between language, culture, and identity and how it affects classroom dynamics. Students learn how to teach academic language with appropriate scaffolding and meaningful content. It is an excellent addition to many majors and prepares UMD students for studies in education and related fields in the human services.

  • The only of its kind offered in the Northland
  • Hands-on experience: offers a practicum working with non-native speakers of English and multilingual students
  • Extremely useful for future teachers and others in the field of education as employers are looking for people who are skilled in working with diverse learners (almost 50% of residents in America's largest cities speak a language other than English)

Acquired Skills

Students will study how to teach second languages and the theory behind how they are learned. While completing the minor, students who are interested in teaching abroad have the opportunity to earn a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate without taking additional classes.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

The TESOL & Multilingual Education minor gives students a solid foundation and confidence in working with diverse learners in a variety of educational settings. The unique combination of theory and practice prepares for graduate studies in education, speech-language pathology, linguistics, international studies, and world languages and cultures.


Students must complete 30 credits before admission to the program.