Financial Markets Finance B.B.A.

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Department of Accounting and Finance
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Bachelor of Business Administration
Accounting & Finance
Labovitz School of Business and Economics

About this Program

Do you enjoy following the stock market? Would you like to analyze investments and learn how to make sound financial decisions? Do you think quantitatively or aspire to learn about the inner workings of financial markets and institutions? If so, the Financial Markets major may be a great fit for you.

The Financial Markets major prepares students for careers in the financial services industry. This intensive academic and experiential learning major allows students access to state-of-the-art technologies designed to replicate a real world investment setting where they make strategic investment decisions to manage a portfolio of more than $1.7 million.

  • The program boasts a 100% placement rate and some of the highest average starting salaries for LSBE graduates.

Acquired Skills

  • Develop skills in investment research and be able to evaluate the appropriateness of investments in a broad array of portfolio applications.
  • Create strategies for managing investment opportunities and risks, while being mindful of the importance of making sound, ethical financial decisions.

Career Possibilities

The Financial Markets Finance major prepares students for a variety of careers within the areas of trading, research, and portfolio management. Graduates find exciting career opportunities in positions and fields such as:

  • Securities Trader/Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Bonds/Common Stocks/Private Placements
  • Asset/Money/Portfolio Management
  • Operational Support

Recent UMD Graduates Job Placement Data

Admissions and Scholarships

Students with a major in LSBE are eligible to apply for more than 120 scholarships, with the total scholarship amount in excess of $200,000 annually.

Student Clubs

The Investment Club is committed to furthering students' interest in investments and finance. The club brings professional and academic speakers to campus, takes part in a virtual stock exchange contest, and work towards making professional connections in the business world.


Freshmen and transfer students are typically admitted as pre-business students for all BBA majors. Admission to candidacy status, which allows access to upper division LSBE classes, typically occurs at the junior level when students have successfully completed all pre-major (pre-candidacy) course requirements and met all of the GPA standards.

Students apply for admission to the Financial Markets major during the spring semester of their junior year. Admission is based on an interview and review of previous academic record. Applicants are reviewed and selected according to their skills, academic qualifications, and "fit" with the program in terms of career goals and interests.

Faculty Highlights

The Financial Markets program is managed by Professor Joe Artim. As the director of the program, he teaches finance courses, coordinates the J-term practicum, and assists students in networking activities. He works closely with the Program's Investment Oversight Committee to help students manage the Bulldog Fund. Artim spent more than a dozen years working in industry in the United States and abroad as a trader and portfolio manager.