Journalism B.A.

Program Type
Bachelor of Arts
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

About this Program

In an ever-changing media environment, the Journalism major is designed to be innovative and dynamic while adhering to a critical understanding of media’s role in a diverse, global society. The major emphasizes community engagement and global competence. Students gain a toolbox of skills and a critical understanding of mass media.

  • Strong focus on studying the role of journalism in a changing world.
  • Personal connections between faculty and student.
  • Customizable degree options based on student interests.
  • Faculty with real-world, industry experience.
  • Strong alumni network connects to our students to jobs and career mentoring.

Acquired Skills

  • Demonstrate how the journalistic approach to problem solving and storytelling can produce locally engaged, globally competent citizens
  • Demonstrate competence in a core set of Journalistic crafts in reporting, research and storytelling
  • Express a critical understanding of the contextual factors that shape the media message
  • Produce journalistic work that showcases an area of specialization that draws on the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the student
  • Demonstrate a problem-solving approach to the practice of Journalism that will give the student confidence and professional agility to respond to a changing market
  • Compile a portfolio that demonstrates work produced in a professional media setting.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

Journalists are inquisitive. They want to know what’s going on in the world, and they want to know why. Journalists have a powerful urge to communicate. They want to share what they’ve learned. 

  • Journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Communication
  • Health Communication
  • Local Television News
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Publishing (newspaper, magazine, book)
  • Electronic media
  • Graduate and Law School 

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Admissions and Scholarships

CAHSS is proud to be able to offer over 90 alumni and donor funded scholarships to our students each year.  In total over $190,000 is awarded out to CAHSS majors and some minors as well. Each department facilitates the process for their specific scholarships and students are also encouraged to apply for CAHSS-wide scholarships offered to students in any field.

  • The Larry Oakes Journalism Scholarship
  • The Gustaf A. and Mary V. Nordin Memorial Scholarship
  • The Steven R. Fox Journalism Scholarship

Student Clubs

  • Communication Club
  • The Bark, UMD’s student-run campus news organization