Photography Minor

Program Type
Art & Design
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

About this Program

The Photography minor  provides experience with digital, film, and alternative photographic processes. Students learn the principles of design and composition and are introduced to theory and issues in visual communication and study the history of photography and visual communication.

Why UMD?

  • strong foundation of courses in traditional, digital and historical art
  • students build from that base to explore themselves and creativity through their chosen media
  • small and interactive classes mean individual time with faculty and excellent feedback from peers

Acquired Skills

A study in any artistic field develops:

  • self awareness
  • cultural awareness
  • communication skills
  • creative problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • the practice of incorporating feedback to improve your work

... Skills which are valuable in any field.

Program Learning Outcomes

Career Possibilities

Students with a minor in Photography from UMD are equipped with skills that will enhance a wide variety of job opportunities and fields. A minor shows potential employers that you put in extra effort and have a range of strong interest areas.

Furthermore, a minor can cultivate new skills and encourage you to think in ways that may seem unconventional in your major field. Unconventional thinking can lead to creative problem solving.

Admissions and Scholarships

Departmental scholarships are primarily awarded to Art & Design majors only; however, any student can submit creative pieces to the Student Exhibition each spring, which does include several small scholarships for outstanding selected artwork.

Student Clubs

Student clubs in the Department of Art & Design vary each year according to interests but typically include an Art Education Club, Student Photography Cooperative, Mud Guild (Ceramics Club), Art History Symposium, Media Arts Club, and Student Design Organization (SDO).   


The Photography minor is open to all majors except Studio Art BFA, Digital Art & Photography emphasis.