Professional Writing Minor

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Department of English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies
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English, Linguistics, Writing Studies
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

About this Program

The professional writing minor develops writing, reading, and rhetorical skills for professional communication. Emphasizing the production and analysis of texts and practice in varied writing techniques, the minor also provides a foundation in the study of professional writing as a field of inquiry.

Students develop writing skills relevant to professional situations (document design and delivery, the development of varied writing techniques, and persuasive argument) with an understanding of writing's ethical and social implications. They also think reflectively and critically about their role as writers for professional and civic life.

Acquired Skills

Students develop skills in the analysis of rhetorical situations, gain insight in the selection of media, and learn how to produce texts appropriate for a variety of discourse communities. 

Program Learning Outcomes (will be updated 2023-2024)